Civil Wedding Ceremony

Every day we perform heart-melted Civil Wedding Ceremonies in our Wedding Chapel in Los Angeles.  A civil wedding ceremony is focused on three valuable principles of married life – LOVE, TRUST & PATIENCE.  Our wedding MINISTER will guide you through the ceremony, including the consent (I do), vows, and exchange of wedding rings.

NOTE: You must add your own wedding vows to the civil wedding ceremony to personalize your wedding.

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Experience a Lifetime Adventure With Us

Want a hassle-free day that reminds you why you fell in love? We have exactly what you need! Celebrate your civil ceremony in Los Angeles at Lucky Wedding Day with love and joy. We are committed to providing a one-of-a-kind experience to make your big day special. The civil wedding ceremony emphasizes three essential principles of married life: LOVE, TRUST, and PATIENCE. Our wedding MINSTER will guide you through the procedure, including the consent (I do), vows, and ring exchange.

Lucky Wedding Day is a dream come true for couples looking for an affordable, easy, and memorable experience. You can choose any of our packages to make your day as unique as possible! We guarantee that your experience will exceed your expectations in every way. We take pride in performing delightful civil wedding ceremonies in LA.

There’s Finally an Affordable Solution for Civil Wedding Ceremonies on the Market

Are you worried about the exorbitant prices of wedding chapels? Get our affordable packages and put an end to all your worries. Civil wedding ceremonies have never been so affordable! Our civil wedding ceremony packages include all your wedding essentials in one inclusive package. We offer an elegant setting, exceptional customer service, and budget-friendly pricing options, so you don’t have to spend your life savings.

We take pride in customizing our services for civil weddings according to your needs so that we will be able to reflect your personality while still maintaining a classy and elegant style. Our chapel’s decoration and interior style will make you love it. We have enough space to accommodate your friends and family according to your package. With our affordable packages, you can decide the number of guests on your wedding list and celebrate your civil wedding ceremony within your budget.

Why our CHAPEL is the BEST?

We are the best because our owners are true romantics. We believe everyone deserves a dignified, respectful, sincere wedding without paying an arm and a leg. We are the best because we have always fought for REAL LOVE. We believe that no matter where you were born, your orientation, or your religion if you believe in love – then Lucky Wedding Day Chapel is for you. We believe we are the best wedding chapel in LA. However, the ultimate truth is we are only as great as the couples that get married in our CHAPEL. Your love makes us happy!

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You can indeed have readings at the civil wedding ceremony.

If you want to pay online, you will need your booking ID and a credit/debit card. Online payment is the only option available now because we get booking requests from all over the country. The payment should be made as early as possible as we have to make the arrangements for the civil wedding ceremony. 

No. There is no rehearsal required before the civil wedding ceremony. You will be asked to complete the events of programs that will allow you to dance, play music, and enjoy your wedding ceremony the way you like. You don’t have to rehearse. 

 On the ceremony day, you and your guests must arrive 15 minutes before the ceremony starts. You and your guests should enter the ceremony via the side entrance. Arriving at the venue 15-minutes before the wedding ceremony allows you to look at the arrangements and welcome guests. 

As civil wedding ceremonies are non-religious events so the law prevents any kind of religious music or readings. This is because marches may trigger chaos in the wedding ceremony among the guests. 

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